Thanks very much for the reply. While you were replying, I was rereading again and found the text you quoted to me.

Aaargh! What an idiot I've been! Read poorly, abused an innocent vendor, bothered other people for no good reason. I'm covered with shame. All here, please accept my apologies for idiocy and foolishness above and beyond ...

Denis, I contemplated this purchase for a couple of years. Visited the photography in Malaysia site, downloaded manuals, read them too I thought. Requirements were: 1/250 flash sync, interchangeable screens, auto-TTL flash. Plausible candidates were FM2, FM3A, N8008S/F801S, N90S/F90X. N8008S won because of features and price; nice camera, not too heavy, especially if one doesn't need AF. FM2 and FM3A lost because of price, N90S because of price, size, and weight. Rats rats rats.

Thanks to all who responded, also abject apologies for spreading misinformation and wasting your time,