I too recently picked up a new (NOS) shutter that a 150 Germinar W fits into. Gads! it's a light little lens. Must be around 100grams in shutter.

Recently, several lenses turned up that I couldn't resist. I'm thinking of hauling my Arca Swiss rig out to a burial grounds to see how sharp things can be. I'd like to again visit old vs new lens resolution and image contrast. I'm also thinking it would be good to take a more critical look at the rendition of out of focus areas based on the shape of the aperture. Somone recommended trees against the sky as a simple subjective comparison of out of focus areas.

In 150mm lenses, I now have a #33(?) Kodak Anastigmat f/4.5 (uncoated, very round iris), Schneider Symmar Convertible f/5.6 (single coated, in round iris Prontor Press), Germinar W f/9 (multi-coated, round iris Prontor and 5 blade Copal iris), and a Fuji W/EBC f/5.6 (multi-coated, 5 blade Copal iris and remounted in round iris Prontor Press). It'll be a simple matter of a little film, several aperture settings, a little processing, and a wee-bit-o-print'n. All the shutters should be quiet enough to keep from distrubing the dead.

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... Maybe it's time for another "normal lens shootout"? 135mm Eurynar, Planar and Skopar; 150mm Germinar, Tessar, APO-Lanthar and Heliar; ca. 150mm Aplanat, 6" Serrac?