Just catching up on APUG threads after a hard drive crash. Thanks monophoto for the nice comment about my work! Did we meet at the View Camera conference in Springfield, MA?

Yes, I now use a box of 12 20W spiral screw-in fluorescents. I only switched to these lights because I needed to rebuild my UV box to be longer. My box with fluorescent BL tubes (built exactly as described in Sullivan and Weese's book) wasn't long enough to evenly illuminate the ends of 8x20 negs. For my new box I opted to use a 3x4 array of spiral BLB's rather than 48" fluorescent BL tubes. Exposure times and contrast between the two boxes are almost identical. I only wish I had known about the 27W bulbs. Although, my exposure time in the box of 12 20W bulbs is fine. For Pd/Pt I need 20-40 min for in-camera Pyrocat negs and get maximum black in 11.5 min through Pictorico OHP. I always warm up the bulbs for 1 min prior to inserting the contact frame.

I agree with Sandy, such a box would be extreme overkill for Azo. Exposure would be less than a second. I use one 15W spiral BLB bulb suspended 3 feet above the frame for Azo and get exposure times of 1-2 min.