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Also what % solution does one have when the FO is mixed in aqueois form? 27%?
Farber's recipe says 20%, I'm not sure about the recipe on Eric's site. I have no idea how you can test it either, a hydrometer maybe? Of course a lower dilution can easily be made to whatever percentage you want providing you know the original strength using the criss-cross method.

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There is also an article on the B&S web site for making dry FO. Either method seems like a lot of work and brings up the question, "Is making FO cost effective vs. purchasing dry FO?"
I totally agree. I've decided that when I need FO I'm gonna buy the dry version.

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Art Craft has a bit better price on FO compared to B&S, both are equivalent products according to Mike Jacobsen at Art Craft.

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Thanks for the heads up there Don.