I would suggest 2 Bogen (Manfrotto) Autopoles with a crossbar. The Autopoles are springloaded so the "wedge" between the floor and ceiling, and have a U hook to hold a crossbar. Lightweight, affordable (also found used on Ebay), no tripod legs taking up space when open or to trip over, and more stable than the tripod system.

There use to be an item called a "Timber Topper". A metal box loaded with two springs that fit over the end of a 2X4. You would first cut the 2X4 a few inches shorter than the height of your ceiling, then put the timber topper on the end, and you could "wedge" the 2X4 into a vertical position. The poor mans Autopole. I used this system after getting out of school 25 years ago. I don't even know if Timber Toppers are still being made.