Yup, just recently bought a wall standing one, bloody solid bit of kit and so heavy in the process. It's got the dichromat head that needed a good cleaning out and I had to replace the fan because it was noisey, the fan cost me six quid. I assume it comes with the transtab and a timer, the dev's have a funnny connector to the timer so I had some fun with that too. I am using a RH Analyser pro so had to buy an adapter cable. Also had to buy some glass 10 and a 4x5 mask 45 so it starts to add up.
Loads of odds and sods around for these and they are very solid so will last for years. Only neg point I have at the mo is its not as bright as my meopta for 6x7's, but then it s covering a much larger area. Oh and there's no fine tuning so as mentioned make sure the mechanism is smooth.