When Jeffrey Mathias tested various batches of ferric oxalate in the 1990s he found that the B&S ferric oxalate was about 89-91% pure, the Artcraft FO 95% pure. See http://home.att.net/%7Ejeffrey.d.mat...e/contents.htm and in Chapter 6 click on Formulas for FO Sensitizer Solutions.

This information may or may not pertain to current supplies. However, I obtain my FO from Artcraft and can state for a fact that in my work it has always been of consistently high quality.


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If you value your time, most definitely no, IMO. The quality of the B&S stuff is very good and it's very consistent. I've had mixed results with Artcraft's. B&S makes their's in-house, Artcraft is getting it from another supplier, I believe. I'm not knocking Artcraft, I'm a very happy customer of theirs. It's just that good, consistent FO is important if you want to make consistently good pt/pd prints. And compared to the other costs that go into making a print, the cost is negligible. For an 8x10 print that costs between $2 and $3 in materials, roughly 15 cents is in the ferric.