Hey Patrick,
I have the XpanII and love it. If you check my gallery you will find several xpan shots. I tend to use this camera more than my other cameras because it is so easy to use.

Here's a few other thoughts:
- the meter can be tricky but is not hard to figure out
- the glass is top notch
- a roll of 24 exp film will give you 14 shots and a roll of 36 exposure will give you 21.
- I use the 45mm lens 99% of the time but also own the 90mm
- the 30mm lens costs more than the camera and 45 mm lens
- it makes a great travel camera
- you will not need the center filter unless you are shooting bigger than f8 with slide film
- you can buy the film anywhere

I am sure there is more but I just woke up and will add more later. Feel free to PM if you need to.

All in all, it's a wonderful camera.