It's true that CNC setups can be more precise and faster but a good jig and an appreciation of what is required is all that's necessary. Why use a mill or horizontal boring machine when a drill press will do the job. Why think you have to have a mill to make slots. A jig and a metal cutting blade on a table saw will do it. Sure you might have to finish it off with a file, but look at the old cameras. You see Kerf marks on the parts that don't show, and some that do show. Why get excited just do a little hand sanding. You can't find knobs? Have them made or look on the net, there out there. These wooden products aren't any more difficult than putting together a wooden plane or boat model. Maybe even easier. Have you ever held a lens up with a plain ground glass and moved the lens till you got an image? The camera is just the part that goes in between that allows you to move the lens and keep it there for an exposure. It's a great feeling to make the one you use. And it will be new and you will understand it because you built it. All of the information is out there and Dave at Satin Snow can make you a ground glass that will blow your socks off. I have the 11x14 ground glass ready for our build thanks to Dave.