A developer with a higher concentration of dichromate affects all densities to some extent, but primarily highlight densities first, then mid-tone densities, and finally shadow densities. Normally in adjusting the contrast of a negative with the dichromate control method there is no need to change exposure. However, if you need to add dichromte beyond about 8ml of a 5% solution per liter of developer you might have to add some exposure time to compensate for density loss.


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Thanks for clarification about the amount of Dichromate. The amount you mentioned is the exact mix that I am using.

One question. When you change a developer to a developer with higher concentration of dichromate, does it affect highlight or shadow? That is also what I would like to confirm.

Thank you again.


p.s.: DR is a little bit beyond my capacity since I cannot measure my negatives yet... Is that something I can measure with step tablet?