Ron, Im merely pointing out that Ilford MG4 has ISO film speed of far below 25 even if you accept g-bar of 2 instead of 0.62. The actual speed I get is one-tenth of that. That's all I'm saying. You say you have valid results, but anyone can confirm my claim by sticking in a piece of MG4 in their camera to expose it as if ISO 25 and get a very thin image.

I understand that your wedge spectrograms were properly obtained. I could estimate the speed increase from your digestion process (actually, the toe speed didn't seem to increase much, probably due to the fog, and lack of gold) from them, for example. I also see that your emulsion is far softer than MG4 to monochromatic green light, but still far harder than negative emulsions. I'm actually pretty familiar with wedge spectrogram.

I have data for test emulsions, but I'm way past the stage where I get excited every time I get something new. I use triple jet precipitation (one of them is high linear velocity mixer for controlled iodide injection) I can control key parameters independently, and I usually get effects predicted by existing knowledge and computer models of precipitation process.