After several tries, and lots of research, I contacted Jorge Gasteazoro on the forum. He gave me more precise instructions and finally I got successful results.
The following is a detailed explanation of the process.
I start by mixing 3 egg whites (arround 80ml) with a solution of 20ml of distilled water and 2g of salt.
I shake the mixture until I get a consistent foam.
I let it sit for a week in the fridge. I take all the foam that rests in the suface of the liquid, and then I pour the solution into a bottle (trying to avoid bubbles). You have to keep the solution refrigerated as its organic!
Then I double coat the paper (I use fabriano 100% cotton) by brushing slowly the solution (avoiding a harsh brush, as youll get bubbles in the surface) once, hanging it to dry, and coating it once again (I double coat to get a shinny surface, as the paper is too absorbent).
When the albumen is dry, Im ready to coat it with the silver nitrate solution (the same I use for Salt Printing).
I tried coating by flotation (the traditional method) but its more complicated than what it seems to be.
The result is very pleasing, and you get a lighter brownish (yellower) than with salt printing. Not as yellow as the 1860s albumens I have. =)
Thank you Jorge once again for the help on this process.

Agustin Barrutia,
Cinematography/Photography student,
Buenos Aires, Argentina.