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Hmmm, very interesting piece of information.

Tomorrow I'm doing a film speed test of a new film I intend to use. But this posting has given me something else to do as well

I've just figured out a way to insert small pieces of MGIV to the back of my Nikon F3.

I'll do a few tests on a grey scale and colour chart as well as a pictorial print.

I don't assume a speed of 25 ISO will be great, but it shouldn't take much time to get a working ISO using your information as a start.

Nothing like a bit fiddling here and there to keep the grey matter ticking over, eh?

Many thanks, Mick.

Please keep in touch. I am most interested in your results, particularly in view of the comments preceeding yours.

My development was in Dektol 1:3 for 1 - 3 mins by inspection.