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Hi, folks. I've seen many blogs in Japanese that promote this camera, but because these bloggers are hired by Fuji to widely advertise the product, I can never get a real good review on it.
There are many casual reviews (probably due to the amateur market the camera is targeting) but they aren't hired by Fuji. Fuji just loaned a lot of cameras with some free films to get customer feedback, and perhaps as a marketing channel as well, but to my knowledge they took back the cameras and only some of the testers bought their own cameras. So there are lots of web sites that clearly state their dissatisfaction (considering the price).

But I've also seen lots of decent daylight pictures taken with this camera and 1600 speed films. But at the same time, negative films have great degree of overexposure latitudes. By just looking at the final positive image on the screen in JPEG, I can't really tell if the exposure was accurate. But so what, when you care about such, you'd better carry a medium format camera with a separate meter anyway. If not, buy two Natura S and load one with a slow film... it's still just as cheap as an extra film back for some MF cameras... (not that I'm saying that the camera is cheap)