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Well, what I meant was that if I would spend a couple of hundred bucks, I might go for a 24mm SLR lens instead. But if this P&S camera shoots so well, why not use it first, you know?

Please convince me this is a damn good camera!

I'm not too critical on the exposure but cannot go too far off. Some jpg pictures I've seen that were originally shot by this camera look pretty washed out, and the highlights are gone. That's the only concern I have.
Natura Black has manual exposure compensation function, which might help you.

Comparison of 24mm for SLR is a good one. I think the virtue of Natura is compactness. If this is not critical, I'd consider Cosina rangefinder or SLR. I have Canon 17-40mm f/4 USM L, and it's a fantastic lens, but it is not something I like to carry in a pocket when I go grocery shopping (even if I had a large pocket...). If there's a uniformly superior solution, we wouldn't be discussing this, I think.