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I'll do a few tests on a grey scale and colour chart as well as a pictorial print.

I don't assume a speed of 25 ISO will be great, but it shouldn't take much time to get a working ISO using your information as a start.

Many thanks, Mick.


several years ago i compiled a list of (15?) papers and their relative asa's, it was pretty easy, i made 4x5 sheets, stuck them in my speed graphic and made test exposures. i also called kodak and asked them what the asa's were for the few papers of theirs i had in my stockpile ... ( i figured i would compare notes ). i mentioned why i was calling, and asa's i had come up with. they gave me high speeds for their papers, and they made no sense to me. when i mentioned that i had asa 6 instead of 25 i was told film speed and paper speed are measured differently - and then i was told my (film)asa 6 was like their (paper) asa 25 ...

maybe they only use blue light, and i use daylight or a (xenon) strobe?

i don't know ... i know that regular old photo paper ( i am using polymax mgfb, kodak mgfb ( old ) and ilford mgfb ) and i use asa 6 and get really good results ... YMMV

good luck with your tests!