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I've never heard of Natura 1600 film. Is it available in the US and in 120? Sorry to get off topic...

As far as I know it is not available in the US. I get mine from megaperls in Japan. It works out at about the same price as Portra 800 or Pro 800Z. I don't know about availability in 120.

The Natura S aperture does stop down, but I don't know any details. I assume that Ryuji can answer this better than I can, because he has referred to his fall-off tests at f/4. The maximum shutter speed is only 1/360 as far as I know (source: Dirk Rosler of megaperls). In my brief review in the 'compacts' thread, I did comment on why I prefer this camera to my Canon 24 mm f/1.4 L on an SLR, but I wouldn't want to try to persuade someone else that the Natura was the ideal camera for them. If you have these doubts, then maybe it isn't the camera for you.