It looks like I am going to have to invest in a set of multicontrast filters. I am guessing since I most likely will be using Ilford papers I should look for Ilford filters. I have been avoiding makeing this purchase since Dupont brought out Varigam papers. I have never liked the look of prints made on multicontrast papers, but I guess now is the time for me to bite the bullet since what I like is but a fuzzy memory. I mean no offense to anyone using or liking multicontrast paper, it simply is a personal thing with me to use and like graded paper. I just was given 500 sheets of Ilford MC paper and want to try to use it. Seems it's just a another one of those things in photography pushing me in a direction I really don't want to go. but any way, is the Ilford
set of twelve what I need? I will be making a few contact prints and of course some enlargements. About how much cash am I going to have to part with to start using my freebie paper. I have no clue what Multicontrast filters are selling for. I haven't checked ebay since I am not sure I want to buy some one else's scratches and finger prints. Will most likey do so here very shortly, but I thought I would ask here first.

Thank you for any thoughts!