I recently got a Zone VI Type II (tall column) and have been checking out the maximum print sizes doable with 35 mm negs and various lenses. With a 105mm lens the max is about 12". With a 50mm it's about 6-1/2". I don't have, but am willing to get, an 80mm lens if it will allow me to make 16x20 prints. Is anyone out there using this combo? If so, what is the largest print size you can get from a 35mm negative? 16x20"? Bigger? I would really like to be able to make 20x24" prints from 35mm but don't know if there is a way to do this with the Zone VI. The problem with the 50mm lens is that I can't get it close enough to the negative stage and I'm not aware of any recessed lens boards for this enlarger. I guess I could have one made but I'd love to hear of an easier way.
TIA njb (I am aware that this is not the optimum enalarger for 35mm but I work in larger sizes as well and I'd like to keep my darkroom at one enlarger.)