OK, bright and hot are relative terms. The output of the 1200 watt Continuos Wave Xenon bulb does put out heat, but it is dissipated well by the use of a single output fan, of the same type you see on the NuArc 26-1k series. I worked with a NuArc 26-1k for several years and based on that experience I do not believe there is much difference in heat build-up between the ULF-28 and the NuArc 26-1k. In fact, probably less with the ULF-28 than with the NuArc. Bright it definitley is, but there is a curtain that draws around the unit to protect one from the UV light so in use one sees very little light.


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It was 5000 K bright and hot. Reguired fans in and out of head. Yet was only 1500 watts. It enabled enlarged separations through the stability and registration of the Graphic Arts Dust. The tubes were expensive. Does this sound like what you are working with?