Wow, Thanks a bunch! I really appreciate all the help! Something I have been putting of for a lot of years, is about to happen. Thomas, you said something I haden't given much thought to, that is placement of the filter.
I would much rather have the filter behind or above the neg than below the lens. I bet that means I need the 6x6 size rather than the 3 1/2X 3 1/2 size.

Oh, Oh just had another thought. Thomas your same comment woke me up! Reminded me that perhaps I don't need the filters after all, I have my D 5 Chromega in storage. The color head should handle my filter necessities. I have only used it for printing color negatives, but I am quite sure it will also handle the multigrade paper. Sheesh what a dummy! Well back to the drawing board!

Thank again everyone!