I asked earlier about a burn flashlight device today and someone recommended putting masking tape over a maglite. Great way to diffuse the light. I also cut a filter (appropriate for the burning I needed to do) to fit on the end. I then took some black cinefoil and shaped it into a cone to place on the end of the light. It worked great! There were numerous tight spots that needed attention. The cool part was I could use it DURING the initial exposure where I could see exactly where the dense spots were. I was using this technique for a contact print and it would have been very difficult to find all of the tiny spots any other way.

If anyone has any creative ideas or tricks for dodging/burning whether using masks, diffusion materials with pencils, computer generated masks or what have you, please add it to the list. It would be great to have a consolidated group of techniques and ideas in one thread for future reference.