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According to Fujifilm.jp web site, they don't make it in 120/220. Only 35mm.

Fuji does not publish the minimum aperture, but according to its published exposure program plot, the camera stops down to f/18.3. The fastest shutter speed is 1/360 sec, as you said.

As I mentioned before, this camera relies on wide latitude of color negative films in taking flashless pictures indoors and outdoors. I agree this is probably not for everyone, but I certainly see why this camera is so attractive.
I am one of those people who see the usefulness of the camera. I HATE flash photography. I've never gotten anything to come out looking good using a flash. I know this is just me not knowing how to correctly use one, but if I can get the same (or better) results by using a higher speed film or lowering my shutter speed...why use a flash?

So yeah, this camera would be my ultimate point and shoot.