Tony Worobiec's book Toning and handcolouring is also good.
I selenium tone everything I do. It gives most papers at least extra punch (MGIV fiber is very reluctant mind you) and with warmtone papers you will get a tonal change dpending on the strength of the toner, how long etc..
Don'tlisten to those who say toning RC is a waste of time, it's not.

Basic tips off the top of my head would be.
Start with selenium.
Selenium tone final prints at time of printing (ie don't wash,dry and do it later, it's just like re-work).
Fix for the correct time, no less, no more.
Don't use a hardener.
Do a decent wash between fixing and toner.
You can go straight from fix to selenium toner but the toner will die quickly.
Mix toners with distilled water, a working solution of selenium can last months this way.
Keep things clean. Any dirt, silver or grease on your prints and the toner will get stuck into em possibly leaving a big stain.
Print light if using warmtone and let the print tone down with the selenium.

Basically get some selenium, fix correctly, wash, tone, wash again and let us know how you get on.

Finally Selenium is toxic, be careful with it.