Founders Meeting Place:

Given that the area from Trenton through Baltimore is proposed for the Mid-Atlantic regional group, and all these areas are readily accessible from interstates I-95 & I-295, I suggest that we have a founders' meeting off of I-295 in Woodbury, NJ. Woodbury is right off of I-295 and about half way between Trenton and Wilmington.

The location of the founders' meeting would be a dinner, either on Route 130 just north of Woodbury or in Woodbury. At such a meeting, people from all the areas from which our group would be composed would suggest appropriate dinners - or other locations - where we could periodically meet.

Lastly, I hope some thought will be given to include Lancaster and Harrisburg to our group as these areas through I-81 and Route 41 are readily accessible for meetings in the Wilmington and Baltimore areas.