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I gotta ask - how do you evenly develop film that size? Is there such a thing as a reel to wind the film onto - sorta like an old nikor tank for 35mm?

a lot of guys develop in trays, not long trays but deep ones. That's how I was taught to do it. So you hold each end of the film in your hands and run it back and forth in the soup. The tray only needs to be about a foot square and 8 - 10 inches deep. Pays to have about 5 litres of developer in the tray.

Surprisingly development is very even this way, a check with a desitometer proves it.

The downside is you're restricted to a length of film you can hold outstretched arm to arm. Really helps being 6 foot + if you want to handle a decent length.

There are a lot of alternatives, spool to spool aerial processors work.