Hi Robert

With hindsight I should have used a sheet of RVP100. I am almost certain from previous experience that the clouds would have been rendered scarlet and thus not at all realistic. This time of day (and sunset) is when the exaggerated colours at the red ond of the spectrum are totally unrealistic, even if they do make striking images. Fuuji are interested in what I am trying and I shall have a go with the new emulsion, but have only just bought a new box of Quickload. Since I only use this on occasion, when the conditions seem appropriate, it might be some while. However I don't expect the same sort of difference we have seen with the Velvias.

I am not fully correcting for daylight with the 85C. The blues are different, the reds are suppressed without the Enhancing filter and you do get more shadow detail from the lower contrast. For the price of one sheet of film I get an entirely different mood from a situation, sometimes I prefer this, others not. The effect is not to the taste of many, but then again not everyone is a fan of Velvia vision! With the withdrawal of RVP50 I am looking for alternatives. RVP100F is deficient on the red response at dawn and the nonF version is in-credible none of us live on a planet like that without what I understand is possible with chemically induced perception.......

As an aside, I was trying to explain to a non-photographer why RVP50 was so good the other day.

Familiar with film Spinal Tap? Very well I shall proceed.

Well Velvia 50 goes up to 11, Just like the Marshall amp - always one better and warm tones from the Velves (sorry!).
RVP100F goes up to 7 or 8 and for dawn skies about 5. Not Rockin' nor very good - too cool.
And so then they produce RVP100 which goes up to 13. Too loud man!

Ok I agree, I do think I need to get out more. But having risen to shoot dawn today, saw a featureless sky, strong wind and low temperatures. The computer was a viable alternative.