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Thanks for this reference. I had a look and it seems a pretty good instrument. I had a look at the website but no mention of price that I could find and I note that you suggest it is more like variable contrast flashing than actual burning.

I, for one, would like to hear more from you on your experiences of using it. Example of your prints and how they were achieved would be even better.

I had a very difficult to print from a neg of my wife walking through a shady wood. I could get her in full detail but only at the expense of underexposing the trees and sky. Dodging her image precisely while exposing the rest correctly was near impossible.

It seems that the dauxLite II could cope with this but looking at the website didn't give me a feel for how.

I have written to dauxLite II for more information about stockists, price etc but anything else you can say will be very gratefully received.


The bottom line is that it will let you get that last 10% what you want out of a print. I don't think it will pull off what you are describing.