Everyone, thanks for the input so far. What prompted this thought was a 24 X 24 X 16' copy camera I have access to, which needs a new home. ("Gee honey, can I keep it? It followed me home while I was out walking and...")

I'm thinking that a Packard shutter would certainly work to use as a bass-ackwards shutter for enlarging, since most times will be in the neighborhood of seconds, it isn't too critical, as with film exposure. A metronome would work for timing or a Graylab 300 hooked to a relay would probably suffice.

There still remains the light source. 4KW of output is a bit on the hot side, so Donald I'll take your measurement as a starting point of 300 cfm. This means a clean air supply and open air flow to dump the heat. Might have to rework the family clothes drier to cut down on energy costs and use the "free heat" for something other than global warming. Could get a few complaints from neighbors when lights dim in the area, but would blame that one on the power company's voltage fluctuations. If a shutter works out well enough, incandescent flood lamps in a bank might provide enough light output to stay away from exotics and transformers.

A ceramic mixing chamber... Have to do a bit of research on that one to see what is an inexpensive design using surplus materials. Anyone point me in that direction? Will have a look for someting I can copy and adapt on google. There might be some interest in this type of setup for visitors from "other areas" like someone from "Area 51" perhaps, who could visit for a printing session.Still brainstorming on this one, but the idea seems pretty sound as far as the chassis and basic enlarger. tim