For some time I've had a spare 90/6.8 lens sitting around (a Roeschlein-Kreuznach Rexagon in a Synchro-Compur-P shutter) and I've always kind of wanted to make a 6x12 camera out of it. At first I was thinking of buying Razzledog's CD on Polaroid 110 conversion, but decided that $50 seemed like a lot for something I could probably figure out myself. Then I read the page on the Medium Format Megasite and that decided to try that route first.

Looking at the Kodak 1A/2A versus the 3A I ran into some issues though. I have a 4x5 enlarger, so I wouldn't be able to print the whole negative if I went with a 3A, but if I got a 1A/2A I would be getting a somewhat shortened pano format. Then I got to looking at the other Kodak roll film formats on Walker Mangum's Kodak Collector page and saw that the 130 roll film format was the closest to giving a 5" wide negative. There aren't so many Kodak folders that use the 130 format, but I settled on a 2C and got one on eBay for $11. It hasn't arrived yet, but I plan to copy the general ideas I have read so far to narrow the film gate, make a pressure plate, 120 roll adapters, etc. My biggest concern is whether I will have to chop off part of the door to keep it from appearing in the picture. It may not be too pretty by the time I'm finished, but it will be an interesting little project.