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Just a little confirmation, Natura S doesn't have manual EX-comp. What Helen is using is Natura Black, I think.

I like my Natura S as a good P&S, but it's a P&S.
24mm f/1.9 is charming, it's a good glass, I tell you. But I don't think the glass is what the Natura Camera is. I think the NP mode is.
You might have already read this. If not, take a look. It's interesting.
Yes, I hadn't realised that there was a difference between the 'Black' and the S. I do have the Black.

That link you give is interesting - even without being able to read Japanese I can see how the NP program works. If I understand correctly, the shutter speeds below 1/45 are only available in the non-NP mode, which makes me more inclined to alter the DX code for Natura 1600 to 800.

I took some test pictures in bright sunshine with Natura 1600 and I'll post the results as soon as I get them.