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You're more daring (and inventive) than I. I guess that's easier with something smaller than a No 10. My idea of a challenge is a vertical pan. Seems to me I've seen old Cirkut photos of Bridal Veil Falls in Yosemite.

What speed did you shoot at? Why upside down?
Shot it at max speed........and upside down to get the film direction running the right way. This was done with a #10 and yes one of the smaller cameras would be easier but easier isn't the point. I'd rather try the harder more challenging stuff.

There was a site that showed a 120 Hulcherama setup on a rig on the back of a pickup, same deal, made to scan without rotating. Same principle as a horse race finish camera but re engineered/reversed.

I haven't tried this stuff for a few years, might try it again with a Roundshot because you can load up a lot more film in them.

Andrew Davidhazy used to do wacky stuff like this all the time.........is he still around?