Markus, Wollensak made one for many years, but they were produced in about the same ratio as 11X14 cameras were to 8X10. 100:1? Anyways, they don't turn up very often. It was 16 1/4" 25 1/2" and 31". Well, 16 1/4" is close enough to your Nikkor that you wouldn't use it, and the more useable 20 and 25" on your 13" Wolly would cover the bigger formats anyway. Bausch & Lomb made the Protar VII in similar lengths but things get pretty crazy when those show up. The aerlier 360 / 600 Symmar convertible would be a good useable choice. I'm sure Gundlach made a similar TR series II but unsure what the lengths were. I stumbled onto an early Wollensak process anastigmat of 19" focal length for $45 a year ago. It is 8 element 2 group just like the Protar VII with useable 36" components singly. It's f9 or 10? so it's really compact. I've an 8X10 contact at home made with that lens that I was admiring again this weekend. Super nice contrast and very sharp. All the later process lenses were dialyt of course.