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..so the sky was falling, the civilisation was at an end, and you were forced to leave your home for good in search of surviving human beings, and you must take one film with your camera, only one from your fridge. It would be the last and only film you would ever shoot.
Which would it be? (past discontinued films count too)

In a less dramatical expression: which is your favorite film of all time

and of course why
Black and White: 400TMax. Long scale, sharp, fine grained. The most expandable b+w film made.

C-41: Kodak Pro 100T. Incredible scale, low contrast, beautiful rich color balance without being overly saturated. (No longer made. Oh, how it broke my heart when they took this away.)

E-6: Kodak EPY. Same reasons as Pro 100T. For now, they still make it. (In 5x7 format, no less.)

Since your scenario hypothesizes that civilization is being destroyed, I guess if I can only grab one roll or box of film it would have to be the TMax because I would then be able to develop it. If humanity is being wiped out, there probably won't be any color labs still operating.