So far, I've only used one lens on the giant Century #8 11X14. An equally gigantic 22" Voigtlander Petzval. The camera is on a studio stand and has enough bellows (over 40") to fill an 11X14 with a head and shoulder shot.

I have several lenses that will work on it but I simply have not had the time or subjects yet. I have a 24" Dallmeyer 6D which is overkill, the 20" 5D would be plenty. I have an 18" Gundlach Hyperion which is the same formula as the more famous Pinkham Smith Visual Quality series IV. You choose the dreamyness by stopping down. At f4 it's VERY soft. Then there's the 18" Bausch & Lomb Plastigmat Portrait. It has a spectacular look to it stopped down. It's missing the front element if it ever had one. Anybody know? My 15" does. The big #6 Voigtlander Euryscop would be a fine choice for sharper focus. It's 21". Then I have a big 27" Suter Aplanat I've never used. Oops, almost forgot the 22" Verito. Some or all of this stuff would work at portrait focus on the 20X24 Polaroid.

I'm dreaming of a 19" Hermagis Eidoscope. But I'd settle for an 18" Pinkham Smith. Also dreaming of a winning lotto ticket so I can play with all this stuff non-stop.