I'm curious as to the replies here myself----I've heard of several that really like a 360 mm for 8x10 and I've fallen close to that with my Fuji 420 L for 8x10 and the 420 L still has a pleasing perspective into the 11x14 format as well and it easily covers--I have a 19 RD Artar (Ilex shutter) but still I like the 420 Fuji but I'm suggesting full length in 11x14 as I've never tried a tight portrait in 11x14 due to my limited budget and my concerns with DOF in 11x14. For a good waist up in 8x10 the Fuji is my number 1 pick and so sharp (Tessar) in the f16-22 range which is as shallow (as of yet) that I'll go for a portrait.