OK I'm at it again...... I just made a palladium print (and a nice little print it is) using a strobe head in a 24" reflector, now the total exposure with recycle time (about 75 'pops') took about 2 minutes... I think these strobes are from the fifties, very retro. Anyway I was wondering about a few things....

What is the downside to the strobe method? (besides standing about hitting a thumb switch 75 times) I have about 6 of these heads so I am thinking of rigging up something like a reflective box or closet. I am thinking that there is a possibility for very precise exposure control. Or is this just another wacky idea that any rational person would abandon.

When I have done sun prints my times for some negatives have been as high as 20 minutes so I am surprised at the times I am getting with the strobe. What are the average exposure times that other Pd printers are experiencing with other light sources?

Thanks in advance for your patience and informative answers!