Bessler/Minolta came out with a color head a number of years ago that used pulsed Xenon as the source of a very precise light source. I would imagine that your idea about strobes would be applicable to your desired application since these are usually pulsed Xenon. Pulsed Xenon does have a UV componant and that is what exposes Pd and other processes too. Some of the more current tubes do have a coating to reduce the emission of UV while permitting the passage of the visible light componant. The age of your strobes may be in your favor for this application.

If I were going to try what you are wanting to do, I would probably bounce the light source against a reflective surface and then through a diffusion screen much like a softbox but making the light diffuse one extra step rather then just firing it through the diffusion. My reason for this is to gain eveness of light striking the print.

In my work on an Azo light source, which also works with UV, I have found that there is a material made by Miro called Miro Silver. This is a specially coated aluminum that is 96% reflective insofar as the UV spectrum. Not all materials reflect or transmit UV effectively.

Good luck...sounds as if you have an interesting project.