I am hoping that this is the correct forum - I am not sure whether Lith is considered an alternative process or not!

For quite some time now I have been using Agfa Classic in Fotospeed LD20 with good results. With the demise of Agfa I am now looking for a replacement paper that will be available in non-metropolitan areas of Australia (not an easy ask). I am able to obtain Ilford FB warmtone easily and use it generally for my non-Lith purposes. I have read that this paper responds to Lith developers BUT have not been able to get this myself (I get a very pasty, low contrast result). Has anyone had more success with this combination than me (i.e., LD20+Ilford FB WT)? If so, can you provide any insights (for Lith I generally use 3 times the exposure needed to develop this paper in Neutol WA [fortunately I have 6 bottles of this for non-Lith stuff at the moment]).

One paper I can get (but not easily) is Tetenal Art Museum. Does anyone know whether this paper will "Lith" or not.

Thanks for any help offered.