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I'm also thinking of trying Quinacridone Rose or Violet in a mix for an effect in the darker tones. There are just too many choices.

There's many color choices out there, and I have a cabinet full of pigments to prove it. I figure you won't know until you try a color on a sheet, so I often make multiple base prints of an image, figuring that the less than perfect ones will be sacrificed to testing purposes.

One way to reduce the color choices a bit is to only use pure pigment colors, rather than pigment blends. That will take 2/3 of some manufacturer's paints out of the equation, and since they are all blends, you could achieve the same effect with the same component pigments. Another way to reduce the number is to ensure that you are only using the best pigments from a lightfastness perspective.

Once you do these two things, there will still be a bunch, but it will be a much smaller set to choose from. The M Graham paints are good as they are mostly pure pigments. I have some here to try but I haven't gotten to them yet. Of course, it's possible to make great gum prints with any pigment source.