If you are doing good with what you are doing now, why change it?
Frankly the thing that changes most as you mature as a photographer is the definition of a great photo. At first you are happy if the picture isn't blurry and exposed correctly. As you go on you tend to get pickier and that drives how you actually photograph.

Personlly I am a bit manic when I photograph. I won't see anything for a while and then it kicks in and I can burn up a roll or two.

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So, I am a new photographer, and I was wondering what you guys do as far as mental prep to get in a state of mind in which you can "see" an opportunity for an exposure that goes beyond just a photo/snapshot. I have had a handful of shots that were pretty good. Dramatic lines, good composition, whatever. A few were by design, but most were lucky. What advice do you folks have regarding getting in tune with my sense of perception so that I can look at a print and say "that is good, and it is exactly what I wanted to happen." I want to look through my viewfinder and see a print. I would be greatful for anything you guys have.