db 1,

Its not that no body is selling any prints its more that this topic has been discussed on many of the photo forums and the threads can/have digressed into gallery bashing.

A lot of galleries will pressure an artist into limiting the number of prints made from a negative to try to drive up the print prices. The fact is that work not limited in edition is selling at some of the highest auction prices. So their argument doesn't really make sense.

It's a personal thing as to limit the editions or not. It's really up to you, it's your work after all.
I don't put edition limits on my work. I do number each print sold.

I like What Michael Smith said in a panel discussion aimed at photo collectors last year. He said, they number each of their prints, after a certain point in time they will stop printing the old negatives and that total number sold and in inventory will be the edition size. I believe that thought was also printed in the B&W article.