The XG-7 is a competent camera, even though it played second-fiddle to the XD-11 when it came out, but it became the founder of main Minolta line when Leica hogged the XD-11 chassis. It uses CdS as metering sensor, and when switched over to manual it cuts off the exposure meter altogether so it can be a little frustrating. The main circuit board has two capacitors which will fail, if they haven't already done so, due to age, and a lot of problems can be solved by replacing them; in fact a routine procedure by Minolta when they go back for servicing.

The XG-7 should be a "first type" chassis model, the "second chassis" is the same as the later X-series which is still current. If you can live with the peculiarities of this camera, I cannot see why it will fail to be a fully satisfactory machine for effective picture making.