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Yes, each head has it's own power pack with adjustable output and they can fire simultaneously. I am still fence sitting on the lighting issue (among others) so with the dozen extra bulbs (rather peculiar looking) I have on hand I could use this as my rainy day method for a while if it works. Thanks again for your patience with yet another of my quirky ideas.


This is an interesting idea but before putting too much time into the project make sure that it is actually more efficient that a bank of UV tubes, such as BL or BLBs. You did not mention the distace oif the strobe from the printing source and this matters a lot because the inverse square rule applies and I suspect that in order to get adequate eveness to expose a 11X14 or larger print, even witih six or eight strobes, you will have to place the lights at from 18-24" from the printing frame. And , if you diffuse the light to get beter eveneness your exposurs will be even slower.

Another consideration is coinsistency. Many of us are using light integrators to measure the actual amount of light on the print since this can vary with voltage fluctuations and time of operation of the light. Will you be able to get the necessary consistency with a multipl strobe, multiple flash system. I fankly don't have a clue as to the answer but for sure having to trip the flash some 75 times of more to make a print would get in the way of my printmaking.