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Bob- I'm not the expert that Kerik is ( I just follow the Bostick & Sullivan directions for mixing my emulsion), but I have usually more than enough to cover an 8x10 using 18-20 drops of sensitizer and Pd each, so between 36-40 total drops, and that gives me great dmax. It usually takes me 1 minute of brushing to get my chems absorbed. I don't pre-humidify my paper however.
Hmmmm... It seems like you're using a similar drop count that I'm using but my sensitizer seems to take longer to absorb (assuming you're also using COT 320). Maybe my darkroom is too humid (my hygrometer is perhaps wrong) to prevent enough evaporation of water from the sensitizer during coating. Do you know what Relative Humidity your environment is at? Do you have much excess sensitizer after your coating or is it all absorbed after the minute?

Thanks for your input!