Hello Everyone

Well a -50 degree cold snap has kept me indoors for most of the month. It has also inspired me to tackle a backlog of mounting and organizing of prints.

So I e-mailed Light Impressions to order a 21st Century Tacking Iron and a couple of archival storage boxes.

Unfortunately, since i live in Canada, I need to place a minimum order of 250 real yankee dollars. Now, I could probably think of sufficient amounts of the fine products Light Vision sells for this particular order but what if down the road I only need a couple of things? I don't really feel like relying on a vendor that has such a steep cover charge.

So, can anyone reccomend an alternative source for mounting matierals and storage boxes for those of us in the great white north?

P.S. since when was Canada considered an "international" order? I mean, c'mon we were Walmartized,McDonaldized and Starbucked long ago. We are practically part of the union, non?