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...Well ... almost. I don't consider the use of some direction... say a title, or a short description, or even combining a poem with the exhibition - as totally forbidden... in fact I don't look at anything as being totally forbidden.

Frequently - or so - I'll place a title on my work; very rarely will I do more.

Absolutely - nothing is forbidden in my opinion either - I could not agreemore! While I prefer Ed's approach to not just my own "work", but when experiencing that of others, I can certainly see much room for flexibility. Take for example and image as an illustration, or reflection on, or reaction to another piece of work, be it a piece of music, a poem, a quote - I feel that it is not at all out of place or certainly not unheard of, to read or hear or view something which inspires you, and include that piece as part of the presentation. Lets say you read a poem and it conjures an image in your mind, so off you go, camera in hand, looking to materialize the image in your mind. Or the reverse - you look at an image you made and it feels intimately connected to something you have read or heard or seen.
Another thing to take into account is a collage-like approach. I think there is nothing sacreligious about combining several madia to make your statement: a poem and a photo, a photo and some hand drawn images, or photo displayed in such a way that a piece of music is played while it is on display.
But, I also think that what I just described is different than "explaining", but rather a part of a preconcieved plan or presentation.
For example one could take a photo of me in all my "glory", or just play a recording of howling wind, howling on and on and on and on and on.....