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You are coating the smooth side of the paper of course...
Hi, Joe:

Yes, I am coating on the smooth side.

Anyway, one other factor I'm thinking about may be playing a role with my problem. My basement darkroom temperature is a rather chilly 62 - 64 deg. F. Perhaps this is inhibiting the absorption/evaporation of sensitizer despite the RH being 55%. I notice that after any of my coats are applied, it takes about 10 min. before the "wet look" goes to satiny/velvet/matte look when I start to blow dry it. Most sources I've looked at say it usually takes 5 min. or less to reach the satin look so maybe my cold darkroom temp. is playing a role here. I always thought the RH determines the rate of evaporation but maybe temperature plays an important role also. Any weatherman (weatherperson) or physics person out there who can comment on this?

Thanks for all your input--It's nice to hear what other people are doing about what I believe is an overlooked problem with hand coating.