Here's Dick Sullivan's 'quick sizing' method:
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From: Dick Sullivan (
Date: Tuesday, December 14, 1999 09:37 AM

I worked up this method a while back. I would appreciated hearing from anyone
else who tries it.

Materials needed:

plate glass coating surface

Knox gelatin or deionized ossein.

windshield wiper blade

Optional: syringe and glass coating rod

Making the gelatin

put 1 to 3 grams of gelatin in a small bottle that is 100 ml to 200 ml.

More geletin = more sizing. 1 gm = light sizing 3gm = moderate sizing.

Add 100 ml of room temp water.

Shake vigorously. (Put in back pocket and play Chubby Checker records.)

Zap in Microwave for 10-15 secs.





When it gets hot to hold let sit until no gelatin particles are visible through
the bottle when held up to the light.

(This sounds like a lot of work but in reality it can be done in a minute or two.
it takes longer to descriobe than to do.)

You can now put bottle and all in a tray of cool water to cool it down. Bottle
and any left over gelatin can be put into a fridge and "remelted" in microwave
later for use.

You can now add a few drops of formaldehyde (not recommended) or glyoxal as a

affixing the paper.

Find a nice piece of 1/4 plate glass that is somewhat larger than the paper you
will size. This is always a handy work surface for rod coating etc.

Tape the paper to be sized down on the glass in "landscape mode." Tape completely
covering the left and right edges.

(Again this is a zip-zip quick procedure that takes longer to describe than to

Coating the paper. (right handed procedure. Lefties should stand on their head to
do this.)

Place the coating rod on the right hand side of the paper. Pour about 5-10 mls of
gelatin solution against the rod. (a syringe works well for laying doen the gel
against the rod.) Spread the gel around with the rod. (the rod is a spreader
only, not a coater like in platinum coating. As soon as the paper is thoroughly
wet, take the wiper blade on squeegee off the gel.

Set paper aside. It will curl downwards making a slight arch. The paper will dry
in a few minutes and you can usually pile the sized paper on each other without
much trouble.


All of this sounds like a lot of trouble but it really isn't. Once you are set up
you can size a piece of paper in less than a minute. Since you are not soaking
the paper and only one side is wet, it dries rapidly. There is no messy dip and
dunk, no lines with drippy bits, etc.