Maybe not a new thread entirely as a search of the forum reveals comments akin to what for me is a new experience.

It appears in at least a couple of threads in the forum that people have experienced problems with Fuji paper in terms of it requiring almost no yellow filter.

Well now that is just my problem. I had used Fuji Crystal Archive MP in the past without this issue then switched to Kodak Supra Endura and have returned to Fuji. I knew that I would have to re-calibrate my analyser ( Philips PCA061). Picking a suitable negative( Fuji Superia 400) I ran tests using less and less Y to get a perfect print but even at 5Y I noticed that my print still had a blue cast. This showed up primarily in the sky which had a blue colour in the print that just wasn't there in reality as the sky was a typical overcast grey. Other than the sky, I could probably just about put up with the cast as it is not that noticeable in the rest of the print. Why worry about a blue sky you may say but unfortunately it doesn't look like a genuine blue. It is at odds with what was obviously a grey overcast day.

My question is what do I do if dialling in zero Y still doesn't eliminate the blue cast. I strongly suspect it won't eliminate it as I have some experience of how much a further reduction of 5Y has on a blue cast.

To complicate matters further, I have already had to dial in C for neutral density as the exposure times even at the smallest aperture of f16 are less than the analyser caters for. I had this problem in the past and had eliminated it via a lower wattage bulb.

If as I suspect, getting rid of the blue cast involves using C then this becomes an active colour filter rather than a neutral density filter.

If having got to 0Y and then making the C dial on the analyser an active colour filter, how do I then cater for exposure which is what the C dial on the analyser normally is used for.

I would also be interested to hear why the Fuji paper needs such low Y settings but primarily my interest is in "fixing" the problem.

As far as exposure is concerned I presumably could switch to my 80mm lens and/or switch to the 6x6 light box setting( Durst M605) but of course this wouldn't cure the blue cast problem